We are continuing to record remotely but have resumed distribution of the programmes in the yellow wallets through the mail.  CaTN is also available using this web site ("Latest Edition" page), Alexa and the British Wireless for the Blind App.

CATN Edition 1033

Friday, 4 December 2015
Track Summary Audio
1: Introduction
2: Main News items

New Artistic Director for Festival Theatre

Planned cuts for Fire Service

License to extend hours at Morrison Store rejected


3: Birthdays and Anniversaries
4: Village News
5: Further News Items
6: Information Desk
7: Sports Round-up
8: Final News Round-up
9: Bonus Track
10: CATN 40th Anniversary Special - The Birth of CATN - Welcome and Introduction
11: Shopping Guide - Eileen Brown
12: Information Centre
13: Local History - Sidney Brown
14: Household Hints
15: Gardening Notes
16: Nature notes
17: Mr Chichester