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Headline News

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  1. Conclusions drawn by the final part of the enquiry into the operation of the diocesan child protection policies in Chichester.
  2. A planning blunder over the sighting of a memorial plaque in Midhurst.
  3. Dismay and anger at the decision by District Councillors to approve the Shopwhyke Lakes Development plan.
  4. Nearly 10% of County Council staff took long-term sick leave in 2012.
  5. Stroke victim, farmer Richard Heyshott has had his specially adapted farm vehicle stolen.
  6. A Bognor Regis family grieves the hit and run death of a 20 year old family member. A motorist is being treated as a murder suspect.
  7. The Conservative Party retains control of West Sussex County Council but UKIP is now the main opposition party.
  8. Campaigners in Stedham are fighting proposals for a boarding school for children from an inner London school.
  9. Crime has dropped among the Eastern European community in Bognor Regis.
  10. Agreement has been reached over the development of a solar energy site in Lavant.