Annual General Meeting 2018

Around 90 people attended our AGM on 25th October, 44 of whom were listeners and/or their partners.  We were so pleased to see Cllr Martyn Bell, the Mayor of Chichester, and the official business of the AGM took very little time.   Our new additions to the committee were elected - they were Dick Bunker, Bob Money and Libbie Bush.  The rest of the committee was elected en-bloc. Geoff Porter presented the accounts and they were approved.  The Mayor congratulated us on our work and promised he would be interviewed about his work with SOE for INSIGHT after his year in office. 

Our President, Anne Scicluna thanked Martyn and read a comical piece to us about the theatre that used to be in Chichester and whose building is now an Italian restaurant.  Listeners and volunteers then enjoyed a light lunch. This year we used professional caterers for the first time, as Margaret Siggs has retired from her role as caterer. Entertainment was supplied by Geoff Porter. He and his friends entertained us with a “satirical musical sketch” by George Grossmith, written in 1876. It was sung by Irene and Simon Cooksey accompanied by Nigel Smith on the keyboard and Marion Porter was the maid. The item was called “Cups and Saucers” and it satirised the snobbery of the 19th century around collectors of porcelain and china. Thanks to Sheila and Alex Forsyth for organising the raffle and to everyone who donated prizes.  We raised over £170.  Many thanks to all the volunteers who attended the AGM.  We were grateful to those who rallied round at the start, when we had late access to the hall.  Also all those who served lunch to our listeners and cleared the hall at the end of the meeting.  Finally a special thanks to those who helped to transport listeners. As we said goodbye to everybody, we all agreed it had been a wonderful day.