We are continuing to record remotely but have resumed distribution of the programmes in the yellow wallets through the mail.  CaTN is also available using this web site ("Latest Edition" page), Alexa and the British Wireless for the Blind App.

INSIGHT Winter 2014 (Edition 127)

Saturday, 29 November 2014
Track Summary Audio
1: Introduction
2: Jan Penn at Chichester Festival Theatre
3: Chris Doman reads Sam's Christmas Pudding
4: Selsey Tram by David Bathurst - read by Geoff Farrell
5: Madeline Doman reads Snowfall
6: Interview with Tony Monument - Part 2
7: Queen Victoria at Arundel by Mark Phillips - read by Marion Porter
8: A Christmas Carol by GK Chesterton - read by Chris Doman
9: Christmas in the trenches - read by Dr John Godfrey & Sue Hepburn
10: Geoffrey Archer talks about a new book written by Neil Hall
11: Michael O'Leary - The Dragons of Kingley Vale
12: Madeline Doman reads A Visit from St Nicholas by Clement Clarke Moore