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INSIGHT Summer 2015 (Edition 129)

Saturday, 30 May 2015
Track Summary Audio
1: Introduction
2: John Clegg Part 1

John Clegg talks with Roger Green about his long acting career. In particular his time spent as part of the cast of It Ain't  'Arf Hot Mum....

3: Philip Robinson

Professor Philip Robinson recounts the Battle of Waterloo which is remembered this month .

4: Kate Moss - part 2

Roger Tilbury continues his interview with author Kate Mosse.

5: Peter Haydn Jones - Origins of Hydrographic Surveys - Part 2

The is the concluding part of Captain Peter Haydn Jones about the work of Hydrographic Survey Department of the Royal Navy.  In...

6: Paula McVitie - Bed & Breakfast

Paula McVittie describes her experiences running a large B&B in Weston Super Mare.

7: Paul Rigg - Weald & Download Museum

The Chairman of the Weald and Dowland Museum, Paul Rigg, describes the refurbishment plans for the museum following its succesful bid for a...

8: Roger Tilbury

Roger Tilbury takes us behind the scenes at Talking News to demonstrate some of the Tricks of the Trade which help us produce our programmes,