During the current pandemic, Chichester Area Talking News is still being produced, but online only. The latest edition is now available on Amazon Alexa, the British Wireless for the Blind App and on the "Latest Edition" page on our website.

Become a Listener

Chichester Area Talking News has a team of Area Helpers to introduce our service to new listeners and to look after the needs of existing listeners.

If you are not already a listener and would like an Area Helper to contact you, or if you know of a friend or relative who would benefit from our talking newspaper, please write to us, or email us, and include the following details - name, address with post code, and telephone number.

Please either write to -

  • The Listener's Secretary at Chichester Area Talking News, St. Richard's Hospital, Chichester, West Sussex, P019 4SE;
  • or e-mail The Listener's Secretary studio@catn.org.uk