With reluctance, we must stop sending out our programmes on memory sticks until restrictions are lifted. There has been a surge in the pandemic locally, many of our volunteers are in the high risk category, and we have a duty to protect them. We will continue to record the programmes from our homes as we have done throughout the pandemic.

Programmes can be listened to on our website ("Latest Edition" page), via the British Wireless for the Blind (BWBF) App on smartphones, and Alexa. We look forward to better days ahead when we can reinstate full service.


  • Dick Bunker - Chairman  chairman@catn.org.uk
  • Geoffrey Porter - Hon Treasurer
  • Libbie Bush - Hon Secretary
  • Colin Jenner - Technical Coordinator
  • John Holloway - Head of Production
  • Helen Pinn - Listeners' Admin Team
  • Bob Money - Publicity Officer
  • Wendy Randall - Morning Helpers' Co-ordinator
  • Chris Mustchin
  • Chriss Mustchin
  • Jan Penn


  • Anne Scicluna - President
  • Graham Brooks - Vice President
  • Robbie Burns - Vice President
  • Richard Williamson - Vice President