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Welcome to Talking News

In addition to memory sticks, you can listen to Chichester Area Talking News online, using Alexa and the British Wireless for the Blind (BWBF)App.

We offer a fortnightly news programme as well as a quarterly magazine called INSIGHT. Both are available to listen to on this website, Alexa and the BWBF App.

For the Talking News programme, view the list of all Talking News editions or listen to the latest Talking News edition.

For the INSIGHT Magazine programme, view the list of all INSIGHT editions or listen to the latest INSIGHT Magazine edition.

Series CATN 08 3

CaTN aims to provide a fully professional service to its listeners - both in its production standards and also by keeping its recording facilities and playback equipment up to date. We offer our listeners memory sticks and 'boomboxes' on which to play them, at no cost to the users. The players are: robust, purpose-built for the visually impaired, simple to use and provide good quality sound with less chance of failure.

To use the free service, all you have to do is to write to us, or phone us and we'll arrange it. We will supply you with a 'boombox', free of charge. If you would like to hear more about the boombox itself, just phone the office on 01243 775 050 and we will arrange for an Area Helper to visit and give you a demonstration.

To listen to the programme, you have simply to click on the play button in the centre.