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Providing really local news for the blind & partially sighted

Most of us rely on our local newspaper to keep in touch with what is happening in and around the area in which we live, providing information that does not reach us by means of television or radio. This is the really local news from which the visually impaired are completely cut off unless they happen to have a relative or friend who can spare the time to read to them regularly. The "talking newspaper" produced by CaTN fills this gap, and plays an important role in helping to restore their independence as well as creating the opportunity for them to continue to take an active interest in the community.

Latest Editions

Talking News

Edition 1208
18 August 2022

INSIGHT Magazine

Edition 157
Summer 2022
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Get Together
Annual General Meeting

Every year the Talking News AGM offers something different to both inform and entertain a large audience of listeners, carers and volunteers. Last year, after the formal meeting, our Chairman, Dick Bunker, pointed out that 2021 was even more special: our AGM was being held on 21st October, which as all history buffs will know is the anniversary of the Battle of Trafalgar in 1805. So, once the necessary business was complete, the afternoon’s entertainment began with a sketch about ‘Health and Safety aboard HMS VICTORY’, with Richard Plowman as Admiral Nelson and Dick Bunker as Captain Hardy.

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INSIGHT Magazine - Spring 2022
Chichester Ship Canal

In the Spring 2022 INSIGHT magazine, Geoffrey Archer conducts a fascinating interview onboard Kingfisher, one of the Chichester Canal Trust's watercraft, where you can hear all about the canal in this, the Trust's 200th anniversary year. We hope our listeners enjoy a taste of the canal! If you would like to learn more about this historic waterway, please go to:

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On,15 May 2022 about 50 Talking News Volunteers, with Listeners, supporters and partners gathered together at the Park Hotel, Chichester for a chat and an informal lunch. It was a lively affair, with plenty to talk about and the time passed quickly. Chairman Dick Bunker individually thanked members of the Team for continuing to produce high-quality and interesting news recordings, unfailingly on time to meet the deadline. He also thanked all who played a part in keeping Talking News a thriving charity, supporting people with visual disabilities in West Sussex. Everyone agreed it had been a good opportunity to catch up and exchange news and ideas for the future.

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How it works

Every fortnight, we record an hour of local news, called Talking News and every quarter we record a 75 minute magazine programme called INSIGHT. These recordings are provided free of charge for blind and partially sighted people in the Chichester, Bognor Regis, Midhurst and Petworth areas.

Each episode can be listened to through various channels. A memory stick is available to be posted to listeners which can be played on a Boombox, which we will also supply free of charge. Alternatively, you can listen via this website, Alexa or the BWBF App.

Talking News

Every fortnight, we produce an hour of local news on a memory stick for the blind, partially sighted and other disabled people in the Chichester, Bognor Regis, Midhurst and Petworth areas – as covered by the three editions of the local 'Observer' newspaper – from the southern coastal towns and villages as far north as the Surrey border, east to Yapton and Walberton, and west to Emsworth. In addition to the memory stick, we are also on the web (go to 'Listen to Talking News'), Alexa and the BWBF App.

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INSIGHT Magazine

Every quarter, we produce INSIGHT, a 75-minute magazine programme which is also distributed free to listeners. With its own dedicated producer, presenter and technical operator, it seeks out interesting items of local and general interest. Over the years it has covered subjects ranging from the Mary Rose project at Portsmouth to the Weald and Download museum in Singleton.

We know from our postbag that many of our listeners look forward to each edition and often keep it to listen again to a particular favourite item.

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Donations & Volunteers

If you would like to find out more about being a volunteer please contact us with your details and we will get back to you. We also have specific situations vacant from time to time.