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Annual General Meetings can be fun, too

Posted on 23 October 2021

AGM Stage2

Every year the Talking News AGM offers something different to both inform and entertain a large audience of listeners, carers and volunteers. This year, after the formal meeting, our Chairman, Dick Bunker, pointed out that 2021 was even more special: our AGM was being held on 21st October, which as all history buffs will know is the anniversary of the Battle of Trafalgar in 1805. So, once the necessary business was complete, the afternoon’s entertainment began with a sketch about ‘Health and Safety aboard HMS VICTORY’, with Richard Plowman as Admiral Nelson and Dick Bunker as Captain Hardy.

AGM Audience2

This was followed by a musical programme by ‘Los Ladrones’, including excerpts from ‘HMS PINAFORE’ by Gilbert and Sullivan and ‘Horatio’, a poem about Nelson’s youth read by Geoff and Marion Porter. The light-hearted entertainment capped a delightful day, the first real opportunity to meet face-to-face for many months and everyone agreed that Annual General Meetings can be fun, too!

Ladrones Pic